"Lets get on with business quickly"


Clara is cold and efficient, taking her duties as serious as final death. She is seen as merciless, cold and unconformable to be around. She has no entourage following in her wake, she prefers to be alone as much as others prefer to leave her alone.

She has only opened up to another kindred once before, her own childer. She keeps a friendly relationship with the man who even she had once said “that he was special”. This infuriates those who take interest in her and sparks jealousy among kindred and the kine alike.


She is known in the mortal world as a big time landlady in New York, owning three apartment skyscrapers of the highest quality, a luxury 5 star hotel, with its own mall to match next door. She is easily a multimillionaire but has only been known to donate to charity rarely and has never given a free handout to friends or family, barring her childer.

Her only involvement in illegal activity is the very occasional donation of prize money or hotel stays to an illegal street racing club.


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